This is my story – The end of my story.

This is my story – The end of my story.

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2017 oh what a year already. So many films released and so many films yet to be released. Each month I will be reviewing 1 or 2 of that month’s biggest blockbuster releases and dam did January have a few.

December saw the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars story, and battling such a drastic release where the likes of Moana, Trolls, Why Him and shortly after Decembers long line of releases we saw the “final” chapter of a beloved Video Game turned Movie franchise get its release.

This franchise was none other than Resident Evil starring the ever elegant-Kick Ass actress Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, A Perfect Getaway), who has portrayed the leading lady Alice in the previous five Resident Evil flicks.

The sixth and final installment titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (creative title, right?) sees Alice return to the beloved Raccoon city to take one final stand against the likes of the evil Umbrella Organisation. Alice must stand against armies of undead along with a few familiar faces from previous installments including the likes of Claire Redfield played by Heroes star Ali Larter. Alongside some new faces including Aussie star Ruby Rose.

This final chapter succeeds at doing many things, including giving us a complete story and finally connecting all six films together, as well as concluding many loose storylines presented throughout the previous chapters. This final chapter also gives you a glimpse back to its roots, going all the way back to where our story took place and using footage from previous films we final get a coherent story.

As a fan of the series I thoroughly enjoyed the final chapter however still have any of my own questions yet to be answered and now will never get the answers to these questions. Another problem I found with the final chapter was that the film doesn’t give the viewer enough time to emotionally connect to certain characters, before they unfortunately meet their demise.

Overall the film was highly enjoyable and action packed. The connections made are excellent, action is well down and who doesn’t love a good twist?

Rating – 3.5 stars out of 5


Other notable January releases: Split (M) – Thriller – Rating 4.5/5 XXX: Return of Xander Cage (M) – Action – Rating 3/5 Patriots Day (M) – Drama – Rating 3.5/5

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