Guest announcement #2 – Zerebin Cosplay!

Since 2007, Zerebin has been pushing the boundaries of armored cosplay with several unique and breathtaking costumes from a large variety of media.

After his sewing machine set fire when he decided to start cosplay, it was a sign that another material choice was needed and dove head first into fiberglass, resins and casting to make his cosplay dreams come to life. Now working with EVA foam, Electronics and 3D printing as well, the costumes being created are getting even more detailed and durable for a convention.

One thing with Zerebin prides himself on is trying to give back to the community and his cosplay friends, by helping with construction of costume and props as well as one on one assistance and build days. His new focus is on panels and workshops to help out the community with learning new techniques, improvements and material choices to get the most out of their love of cosplay. When not in cosplay at conventions, he can be found either running a workshop panel about cosplay related tips and techniques, behind the judges table during a cosplay competition or helping run the event.

Please join us in welcoming Zerebin Cosplay to Sugar City Con 2017.